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What is a First Look and Should You Do One?

Being in the wedding video industry, the term “first look” is a term that is used often so it is easy to think that term is common knowledge. However, for plenty of couples, planning their wedding, they may not have ever even heard of it! So I wanted to quickly address the question of “what is a first look?”

What Is a First Look?

The short answer is, when the groom first sees his bride, prior to the ceremony. This is usually done with the groom’s back turned, while the bride approaches. As she taps him on the shoulder, he turns and voilà, he seems her, in all her beauty for the first time!

You may wonder why some couples choose to do a first look. There are a couple main reasons. One of which, is that they prefer to experience that first reveal privately and intimately, without a whole church of people joining it. Having it privately gives you the opportunity to take as long or as little as you would like to enjoy that moment which whomever you do or don’t want to be there. Another reason is for scheduling. By doing your first look, which happens earlier in the day, gives you more time to take photos at different locations without being on a tight schedule.

Should You Do a First Look?

If you are on the private side and want to experience that moment intimately, a first look would be a great choice. However, if you prefer for the more traditional and natural experience of the groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle, then go for it!

If your ceremony and reception (cocktail hour) are back-to-back, I would also suggest a first look. This way, you can schedule your bridal portraits, f bridal party photos to all be taken prior to the ceremony so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them into cocktail hour. This will also give you the time to enjoy what just happened (YOU GOT MARRIED) without having to take dozens of photos.

First Look Wedding Video Coverage

Either way, whether you do a first look or not, your wedding videographer will be there to capture the groom’s first sight of his lovely bride-to-be! Have additional questions? Feel free to inquire about video coverage or get a quote for your wedding video!

Award Winning Wedding Videographer

As the owner of I Do Video, I take my brand seriously. The work that I do has a lasting impact on those that receive it which makes the feedback from those that I have worked very important. That is why the acknowledgments received by WeddingWire and The Knot always are so special to me. These awards start with customer satisfaction and represent the effort that we put in annually to make sure they are achieved.

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WeddingWire Couples Choice Award

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recognize local wedding professionals who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are determined by the reviews from more than one million WeddingWire couples.

Since it’s inception, I Do Video has been recognized annually by WeddingWire to be in the top 5% of wedding videographers in Chicago. Year after year, we have proven to provide quality services that our customers recognize.

The Knot Best Of Award

he Knot Best of Weddings is an annual award that recognizes the top wedding vendors across the country. This prestigious honor distinguishes vendors who are trusted, dependable, and fun to work with. They have dazzled and delighted their couples, and it definitely shows.

For back-to-back years, I Do Video has received this award and is proud to be apart the best Chicago wedding videographers out there. I regret not submitting my profile previously to have be considered in previous years but will always stride to achieve this annually moving forward.

Award-Winning Wedding Videos

We will always continue to push boundaries, with innovative equipment, creative thinking and most importantly the opportunities to capture such a special day. We thank you for the feedback that has given us the opportunity to continue to capture more wedding to come!

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost in Chicago?

That may be the first questions for some couples planning their wedding and the answer to that questions will generally determine the decision they make. The truth is, just like any service, prices can vary. It is very likely that with a Google search you can find wedding videography pricing from $500 up to $5000! So how do you know what to choose?!?

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What Determines the Price of Your Wedding Video?

  • Experience: Shooters who have been doing this for years generally come at a higher price but also provide peace of mind that your videographer will be well-prepared for your wedding.

  • Equipment: Cameras, lighting, audio equipment costs money and the value of that equipment can range from $1000-$10,000+ including multiple cameras, professional lenses, drones and more.

  • Availability: Some videographers like to cover weddings weekly, others monthly. The less availability will drive costs up but also assure that your videographer will have plenty of time allotted to your project.

  • Hours of Coverage: This is obvious. Most packages are around 10 hours but if more or less time is needed, price will change.

  • Inclusions: Covering your day is only a small portion of your wedding video price. The brunt of the work will come on the editing side. So the amount of final cut versions will play a role on the cost of your wedding video.

At I Do Video, we do our best of offer competitive wedding video prices, while maintaining a quality product. Leo, who offers more of a premium package which exclusive inclusions like teaser videos, social media packages, drone coverage, etc come at a higher price, starting at $2000. However, not all couples need those inclusions and are just looking for a beautiful wedding video. So for those options, Leo has hand-picked a variety of Chicago wedding videographers that he is more than happy to set you up with. Their prices can vary from $1000-$1750 and that will depend on the actual videographer and the amount of coverage needed.

Whether a package with Leo or one of his other shooters fit your needs, it is our goal to offer wedding video pricing that is worth every penny so we are always willing to customize the perfect package to give you everything you want at a price you are happy with.

Hiring A Chicago Wedding Videographer

As you continue through your quest to find all your wedding vendors, you will eventually come to wedding videography. You will soon realize that there are a lot of Chicago videographers to choose from and might not know where to start. So when it comes time to hire a Chicago wedding videographer do not rush into it. Below are 3 important things that you should take into consideration before making your decision.


1. Ratings and Reviews:
In my opinion the most important thing when choosing a videographer for a wedding is their credibility. In order to get the best input on their work, you should check for customer reviews. Some companies have reviews on their website but the best place for legitimate feedback is on Wedding Wire. Wedding Wire is a credible forum for newlyweds to leave feedback on their vendors. Other brides experiences will give you an idea of what you can expect. So do not choose a company until you see some wedding videography reviews.
2. Video Examples:
Every videographer has their own style and equipment. Shooting points, music, transitions and overall flow can all vary throughout wedding videographers. Some are similar and some are unique. The only way to determine if their style is right for you is to see their work. These videos should be very easy to find on their website. View I Do Video's Chicago Wedding Videos
3. Packages and Rates:
Just like style can vary, so can rates and they can vary enormously. A wedding video is important but do not burden yourself financially to get yours. You should determine your budget and choose a wedding videography company that can fit within your budget. There are plenty of affordable wedding videographers in Chicago to choose from so don't rush into anything. Also make sure you get a final price before moving forward so assure yourself that there are no hidden costs.

Your wedding video is something that you will cherish for a long time. So make sure you spend the time to choose a Chicago videographer that will provide one you will like! 

Promontory Point Wedding Videography

Last weekend I Do Video was able to provide wedding videography services at at Promontory Point in Chicago. With the ceremony planned to be outside, there was a bit of a weather concern considering the cold and rainy weather which has been taking place in September. Those concerns went out the window as the day proved to be perfect for a wedding!

Promontory Point Wedding Video

The newlyweds-to-be were Matt and Ali who met through work on the east coast but moved back to the Chicagoland area before deciding to tie the knot. A wedding videographer services were a late addition to their Promontory Point wedding but we were very happy to be a part of the day! Coverage began at the Chicago Hilton where Ali and the bridesmaids began their bridal preparations. With a suite overlooking Buckingham Fountain, the view was great on this clear, sunny day! After capture some great video shots of Ali getting her dress ready, it was off to the Lincoln Park lily pond where Matt was to see her for the first time. The video coverage of the first look could not have gone more perfectly. In the serene Lincoln Park garden, Ali was revealed to Matt captured by 2 video cameras to get each of their expression. Following the first look, we traveled around Chicago to some popular settings to get some bridal party shots.

As it got close to 430 it was off to the ceremony, to get ready for the Promontory Point wedding. It was the first Promontory Point wedding video that I had covered and was very impressed with the setting. The ceremony took place just feet from Lake Michigan with the Chicago Skyline in the background. Before you knew it, they said their vows and was off to the reception, which was also just a few feet away. Some highlights that will definitely make the wedding video were a few great speeches and the bride’s grandmother serenading the newlyweds.

I was happy to have had the opportunity to provide videography at Promontory Point and look forward to using all the beautiful shots in the final wedding video!