At I Do Video, we specialize in wedding videography but our services can start well before you take you say your vows. Like a wedding, a proposal is a once in a lifetime memory. You and your fiancé will always remember the day you popped the question. Generally the proposal is planned out as a surprise which unfortunately leaves it to be uncaptured by photo or video. That doesn’t have to be the case though! I Do Video is happy to offer Chicago proposal video services so you can capture your engagement on camera!

Engagement Videography

Whether you’re planning on asking for her hand in marriage at a restaurant, park, family gathering or party, we can be there to capture and create a wondering engagement video! We understand the importance of a surprise and with hidden mics, zoom lenses and experience; we are able to produce a proposal video without being noticed! Our discreet wireless microphones give you the ability to capture the audio of your proposal without having a camera in your face and our zoom lenses give us the ability to stay well out of range so she will never suspect a thing!

Once the question has been asked and the engagement is final, we can get some feedback about the experience from both sides of the question as well as some staged shots which add a nice touch to the proposal video. Once everything is done, we will provide the appropriate editing to highlight the whole engagement to a song of your choice! So once you pick out the ring, say “yes” to IDV for your Chicago proposal video services!

About I Do Video

I Do Video is a full-service video production company, specializing in weddings so dealing with engaged couples is nothing new for our team! Contact Leo today to set up undercover coverage for when you pop the question!