Chicago Wedding Video Coverage

As you plan your wedding, you quickly realize all those integral pieces of your day that requires so much thought. From the venues to the centerpieces, your celebration is 100% unique to you. Don't let any of that get overlooked! Our wedding video services will capture everything from your pre-wedding preparations with your bridesmaids to your silly Aunt dancing at the reception!

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Wedding Video Reel

Pre-Wedding Video Services

The moments leading up to your wedding day will be spent with your closest family and loved ones. As you cheers mimosas and share jokes with your bridesmaids a videographer will be there to capture that special time. Some may refer to it as the calm before the storm and getting videography during this time will help you look back at just how the day started.

Some of the items that we focus on filming are:

  • Wedding Dress: Shots from different angles will highlight the true beauty of the dress
  • Accessories: Rings, jewelry, garter, wedding favors, etc all will find a special place on you... and your wedding video!
  • Bridal Preps: From hair and make-up to buttoning up your dress, your wedding video will feature your beautiful transition to a bride.
  • Reveal: Of course you will want to see everyone's eyes wide up as they see the glamorous bride for the first time!

First Look

Sometimes that first look is at the alter and sometimes it is planned for a special intimate moment. Either way, the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time, is a moment that will be remembered forever. Your wedding videographer will be there, in perfect position to capture it.


Every ceremony is different but our experienced videographers will be ready to provide video coverage for your wedding whether it is inside or outside, on a farm or at a winery, in a church or in a chapel! With multiple cameras, the wedding video will feature multiple angles of bother the bride and groom, along with the guests, decorations and special moments. During this ceremony, video will not be the only thing captured as our coverage will also feature separate audio coverage during the vows and ring exchanges. Some of the featured moments highlighted in your video will be:

  • Processional
  • Vows
  • Ring Exchange
  • First Kiss
  • Announcement
  • Bridal Exit

Photo Sessions

While most of your wedding video services revolve around live shooting on the go, photo sessions are the perfect time for your videographer to capture beautiful shots of the bride and groom. While this time is primarily for the photographers, we are sure to capture those intimate moments to feature in your wedding video! 


When the fun is to begin, our cameras will be rolling and your wedding video services will be ready to capture the celebration! Equipped with cameras that do great in low-light, we will be able to cover all the important moments without be invasive.

  • Bridal Intros: See all the funny and thoughtful entrances of your bridal party!
  • Cake Cutting: Whether you share the cake elegantly or messy, if will be featured on your wedding video!
  • First Dances: The first dance as husband and wife will be shot from multiple angles and with 360 degree coverage.
  • Speeches: Now is the time for other to share the spotlight. Our video services will capture both video and direct audio from DJ booth.
  • Dance Party: As your guests get down, our videographers will be right there to record all their wild dance moves!

Wedding Video Services That Will Satisfy

Every wedding is covered like it's the most important day or someone's life, as it is. So you can expect a final product that will will cherish and enjoy for years to come! Check out Leo's samples below to get an idea of the services you can expect!

Wedding Video Examples