Should I Get a Wedding Videographer?

Yes! End of article right? ;) My opinion is a bit biased, not because of my profession but namely from my love of capturing a moment and having it forever but not all share that passion which leads us to that common question…

Should I Hire a Videographer for My Wedding?

Some do, some don’t and you are here because you may be in the middle. So let’s first start with the benefits of hiring a wedding videographer.

Reasons To Hire a Chicago Wedding Videographer:

  1. Your day goes by so fast that you’ll want to experience as many times as you can.

  2. It is enjoyable to see your day from another perspective. The experience of a bride and groom on their wedding day is far different from their guests. So sit back and enjoy your wedding day from the perspective of your guests.

  3. The fine details may not get the attention they deserve while you are memorizing your vows or practicing your first dance. Your video will be sure to capture all those things to provide a full picture of your wedding day.

  4. Share your day with those who could not attend. Whether it is a one minute teaser video, an elaborate highlight video or your full wedding video, you will be able to click and send your video to anyone, very easily!

  5. Wedding videos last forever. VHS and DVDs are a thing of the past. All your wedding videos will be done on digital, in the cloud so you can store, backup, duplicate and share as often and for as long as you want.

  6. Every couple deserves their own love story! Your video will do exactly that!

Commons Reasons Couple’s Don’t Add Wedding Videography

Now the other side of things. Many people do not get wedding videography for their wedding. Whether they regret it or not, here are a couple of the common reasons and how we can help you avoid them.

  1. It was not in their budget. While this is most common, we offer plenty of package options along with discounts to work with all price points.

  2. Couples could not find one available. I Do Video manages a team of shooters but always suggest starting your search early so you can get what you want!

  3. Many don’t think they need one. Many times the bride tells me how the groom did not care to have a wedding video. This changes dramatically when they see their wedding video and are always thankful for the choice they made.

  4. Heard about bad experiences with a wedding videographer. This will not be the case with us. While there are plenty of companies out there that don’t take their work seriously, Leo prides himself in his brand and is proud to have one of the best reputations among Chicago wedding videographers, receiving annual awards from The Knot and WeddingWire.

Wherever you stand, I Do Video can help you make the best decision by determining availability, custom options and a beautiful solution to capture your wedding day! Get started by getting a wedding video quote here!

Perks of a Social Media Package for Your Wedding

We live in an age of here and now. People are excited to see and share their special moments. Your wedding will take that to a new level! And for good reason! However most brides don’t have time to be posting to their insta feed or sharing a story (wedding dresses don’t have pockets lol). The good news if your videographer is there to do this for you! While most videographers will create these wedding videos for you to see weeks later, Leo offers a custom Instagram package that will include photos and videos the SAME DAY of your wedding and more!

Wedding Day Instagram Story

From the details and the dress, to the first look, first kiss and special moments, Leo captures it all. Except he will share those most memorable moments directly to an Instagram story, with your tags and awesome hashtags so all your friends, family and loved ones can share in your special day as well! Don’t worry, nothing is shared until AFTER your initial reveal.

Post-Wedding Instagram Clips

The anticipation to see your wedding video after the celebration is intense! We understand that and Leo will also post behind the scenes looks at your wedding day to his Instagram feed, so you can see what is in-store. From drone shots to #FridayBrideday, you can expect to see some of the most stunning clips throughout your experience. This way, you and your close friends can share in the leadup to your big wedding video premier!

Expect the Best

While social media is a small portion of what we do, it makes it clear that Leo cares that you get the most out of your day and is willing to go above and beyond the typical “wedding videos.” The best part, is this is all included in Leo’s Premium wedding video package!

What is a First Look and Should You Do One?

Being in the wedding video industry, the term “first look” is a term that is used often so it is easy to think that term is common knowledge. However, for plenty of couples, planning their wedding, they may not have ever even heard of it! So I wanted to quickly address the question of “what is a first look?”

What Is a First Look?

The short answer is, when the groom first sees his bride, prior to the ceremony. This is usually done with the groom’s back turned, while the bride approaches. As she taps him on the shoulder, he turns and voilà, he seems her, in all her beauty for the first time!

You may wonder why some couples choose to do a first look. There are a couple main reasons. One of which, is that they prefer to experience that first reveal privately and intimately, without a whole church of people joining it. Having it privately gives you the opportunity to take as long or as little as you would like to enjoy that moment which whomever you do or don’t want to be there. Another reason is for scheduling. By doing your first look, which happens earlier in the day, gives you more time to take photos at different locations without being on a tight schedule.

Should You Do a First Look?

If you are on the private side and want to experience that moment intimately, a first look would be a great choice. However, if you prefer for the more traditional and natural experience of the groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle, then go for it!

If your ceremony and reception (cocktail hour) are back-to-back, I would also suggest a first look. This way, you can schedule your bridal portraits, f bridal party photos to all be taken prior to the ceremony so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them into cocktail hour. This will also give you the time to enjoy what just happened (YOU GOT MARRIED) without having to take dozens of photos.

First Look Wedding Video Coverage

Either way, whether you do a first look or not, your wedding videographer will be there to capture the groom’s first sight of his lovely bride-to-be! Have additional questions? Feel free to inquire about video coverage or get a quote for your wedding video!

Award Winning Wedding Videographer

As the owner of I Do Video, I take my brand seriously. The work that I do has a lasting impact on those that receive it which makes the feedback from those that I have worked very important. That is why the acknowledgments received by WeddingWire and The Knot always are so special to me. These awards start with customer satisfaction and represent the effort that we put in annually to make sure they are achieved.

@Main IDV Image (1).jpg

WeddingWire Couples Choice Award

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recognize local wedding professionals who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are determined by the reviews from more than one million WeddingWire couples.

Since it’s inception, I Do Video has been recognized annually by WeddingWire to be in the top 5% of wedding videographers in Chicago. Year after year, we have proven to provide quality services that our customers recognize.

The Knot Best Of Award

he Knot Best of Weddings is an annual award that recognizes the top wedding vendors across the country. This prestigious honor distinguishes vendors who are trusted, dependable, and fun to work with. They have dazzled and delighted their couples, and it definitely shows.

For back-to-back years, I Do Video has received this award and is proud to be apart the best Chicago wedding videographers out there. I regret not submitting my profile previously to have be considered in previous years but will always stride to achieve this annually moving forward.

Award-Winning Wedding Videos

We will always continue to push boundaries, with innovative equipment, creative thinking and most importantly the opportunities to capture such a special day. We thank you for the feedback that has given us the opportunity to continue to capture more wedding to come!

Benefits of Raw Footage from Wedding Video

If you’ve been to a wedding, you know that a lot is going on! From the bride and groom to the decorations, so much is happening! That is why people choose to add a wedding videographer in order to capture this! Our wedding videographers in Chicago do this to perfection! But all wedding videos have their limit, which is why we always suggest to take advantage of the raw footage we offer.

Raw footage from your wedding video are basically the uncut, unedited video clips that are captured throughout the day. So even though your uncle breaking it down on the dance floor may not always make your wedding video, all those infamous moments is included within the raw footage. These hours of footage can be enjoyed for years to come!

So when you are ready to book a wedding videographer, make sure to ask about raw footage!