Allan - Videographer


Ever since college, he has always been fascinated with the magic of wedding videos. The way it tells a beautiful story of two people that are meant to be. He wanted to be part of that, so he pursued the world of wedding cinematography and has been doing it since 2014.

His style is non-traditional. He often combines the romantic and fun moments of the wedding ceremony. Allan doesn’t just film what happened during the day. He films weddings because he wanted the audience to feel and see the love story that happened that day. And although wedding cinematography is his main passion, he also specializes in social media videos, focusing in lifestyle and fashion. Whatever it is, he’ll make sure to capture it behind his lenses, and so much more.

Allan’s Wedding Video Samples

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With a hand-picked team, Leo assures that your videographer is up to the standards his brand portrays. Allan brings a breath of fresh air, with an innovative style and excellent customer service. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure a quality videographer at an affordable price! Contact Leo about booking today!