Capturing Your Wedding Day from Afar

It is our goal as wedding videographers to capture your wedding day, while not being apart of your wedding day. We understand that your wedding is an intimate occasion with your closest friends and family, and we do our best to capture that while not interrupting. Our video and sound equipment make this very possible.

A zoom camera lens is very capable of capturing moments from across the room without the need to be in the middle of it. This can be very useful throughout the day, including preparations, first look, ceremony, speeches, first dances and open dance floor.



All cameras are very good in low-light. So while at times, like speeches when an external LED light may be needed, the majority of coverage throughout the day and even evening, will call for little to no external constant lighting.

Sound is another key factor that can be captured from afar. External recording devices are used on the groom in order to record the intimate moments during ceremony, including the vows and ring exchange. During speeches, these devices are generally able to connect right to DJ booth in order to capture all of those best man jokes, direct from the microphone.

One of the most common comments I receive from customers is the fact that we capture so much, without the bride and groom even realizing it. So on your wedding day, you can be assured your videographer will be at all the right places in order to capture all those natural moments that make your wedding video something to remember!