What’s a Teaser Video?

One item that is included in all video packages offered by Leo, is a “teaser video.” Now, some customers not exactly know what that is, so let me explain. The wedding teaser is a brief wedding video that will consist of short clips throughout the day, keeping it under a minute. This video is meant to be a first look for you, your friends and family to take a quick look back on that memorable day.

The best part about this wedding video, is that is it done, fast! Leo will produce this edited video in just a week or two. Client love seeing and sharing that special day, right away which makes this video perfect for that!

Take a look at a samples below!

Leo will also upload this video to Instagram so you can tag your favorite #wedding #hashtags. In addition, throughout the whole process, Leo will post clips to the @idovideobyleo Instagram to give everyone a behind the scenes look at you wedding day!

The teaser video as well as social integration is one of many items that make I Leo one of the highest rated Chicago wedding videographers! So if you’d like to learn about what else can be included, contact Leo today!