wedding video dvd

Final Wedding Video DVD

Wondering What Your Wedding DVD Will Include?

You may wonder just what your final wedding video will include, won’t include, etc. Every wedding is different so every wedding video will be different as well. However most wedding videos will feature the below inclusions:

Part 1: (2-4 minutes)

  • Preparations

  • Pre-Ceremony Shots

Part 2: (15-20 minutes)

  • Full Processional

  • Ceremony Highlights

  • Full Vows/Ring Exchange

  • First Kiss

  • Full Recessional

Part 3: (3-5 Minutes)

  • Staged Photo Session Shots

  • Bridal Party Introductions

  • Cake Cutting

Part 4: (10-15 Minutes) 

  • Full Wedding Speeches

  • First Dance Highlights

Part 5: (5-10 Minutes)

  • Reception Highlights

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss

  • Wedding Toasts

  • Dancing

A lot of newlyweds want to know how long the wedding video will be and if it will show everything. We try and keep your final DVD a watchable length (45-60 mins) but it will vary depending on type of ceremony, numbers of speeches, first dances, etc. The DVD will feature everything in more of its entirety but not everything will be in its complete entirety. For example ceremonies are generally cut down to include the highlights as well as the first dances. However, most wedding video packages include all the raw footage. This inclusion is perfect for the bride and groom to watch all the unedited, uncut videos captured throughout the day. We customize each DVD to fit the day and flow of your wedding. We are more than happy to take any requests prior to the editing process in order to make your final wedding video a perfect one for you!