Wedding Video

Wedding Video Expectations

When you hire a wedding videographer, it is because you want to capture that special day in all it’s beauty and that is exactly what our videography team will do! Except we take it even further by producing you wedding videos that you can re-live forever!

Wedding Video Coverage

During your wedding video coverage, our team will capture your day, without being apart of it. We are sure to keep our distance during the intimate moments but still blend into the background wso we can capture that memory for you to re-live.

What Will Your Wedding Video Look Like?

Since your wedding day will last longer than the video, our team is sure to still capture all those important moments but highlight them so you can re-live them in just a few minutes. So on your wedding video, you can expect to see a little of everything, without all the fluff in-between. But don’t worry! We also make the raw footage available to you so you can se every second of footage captured!

Highlight vs Full Wedding Video

In order to provide the best viewing experience, we are sure to offer your wedding videos at multiple lengths. The highlight video is for you to watch, share and enjoy in just a few minutes. While the full video is a more of an experience. Listening to the vows, watching the first dances and laughing at the speeches are all sure to be included in this version.

About I Do Video

Since 2014, I Do Video has being creating memorable wedding videos in Chicago. We have earned multiple awards from WeddingWire and The Knot and are proud to be apart of all the weddings we have covered. So when it’s time to choose your wedding videographer, be sure to see what we can offer!

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost in Chicago?

That may be the first questions for some couples planning their wedding and the answer to that questions will generally determine the decision they make. The truth is, just like any service, prices can vary. It is very likely that with a Google search you can find wedding videography pricing from $500 up to $5000! So how do you know what to choose?!?

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What Determines the Price of Your Wedding Video?

  • Experience: Shooters who have been doing this for years generally come at a higher price but also provide peace of mind that your videographer will be well-prepared for your wedding.

  • Equipment: Cameras, lighting, audio equipment costs money and the value of that equipment can range from $1000-$10,000+ including multiple cameras, professional lenses, drones and more.

  • Availability: Some videographers like to cover weddings weekly, others monthly. The less availability will drive costs up but also assure that your videographer will have plenty of time allotted to your project.

  • Hours of Coverage: This is obvious. Most packages are around 10 hours but if more or less time is needed, price will change.

  • Inclusions: Covering your day is only a small portion of your wedding video price. The brunt of the work will come on the editing side. So the amount of final cut versions will play a role on the cost of your wedding video.

At I Do Video, we do our best of offer competitive wedding video prices, while maintaining a quality product. Leo, who offers more of a premium package which exclusive inclusions like teaser videos, social media packages, drone coverage, etc come at a higher price, starting at $2000. However, not all couples need those inclusions and are just looking for a beautiful wedding video. So for those options, Leo has hand-picked a variety of Chicago wedding videographers that he is more than happy to set you up with. Their prices can vary from $1000-$1750 and that will depend on the actual videographer and the amount of coverage needed.

Whether a package with Leo or one of his other shooters fit your needs, it is our goal to offer wedding video pricing that is worth every penny so we are always willing to customize the perfect package to give you everything you want at a price you are happy with.

What’s a Teaser Video?

One item that is included in all video packages offered by Leo, is a “teaser video.” Now, some customers not exactly know what that is, so let me explain. The wedding teaser is a brief wedding video that will consist of short clips throughout the day, keeping it under a minute. This video is meant to be a first look for you, your friends and family to take a quick look back on that memorable day.

The best part about this wedding video, is that is it done, fast! Leo will produce this edited video in just a week or two. Client love seeing and sharing that special day, right away which makes this video perfect for that!

Take a look at a samples below!

Leo will also upload this video to Instagram so you can tag your favorite #wedding #hashtags. In addition, throughout the whole process, Leo will post clips to the @idovideobyleo Instagram to give everyone a behind the scenes look at you wedding day!

The teaser video as well as social integration is one of many items that make I Leo one of the highest rated Chicago wedding videographers! So if you’d like to learn about what else can be included, contact Leo today!

2016 Weddings are in the Books

As the New Year is here, I Do Video looks forward to new weddings to come! 2016 was a great year and we are so grateful for all the weddings and videos were able to create! Our Chicago wedding videography team grew, adding some very qualified shooters.

2016 ended with a great celebration of Stefani and Mike who tied the knot at the Sheraton Hotel in Lisle, just in time to countdown the New Year. Take a look at a brief teaser video of that special wedding!

2017 Wedding Videography

 With 2017 here, Leo as well as his team of excellent videographers look forward wo all the weddings to come! One weekend in and we have already met some great new couples that have trust I Do Video with their wedding day. Here’s a quick look at the newest bride, Martha, just before saying her I Do’s.

So whether you are getting married in 2017 or are planning your wedding beyond, IDV is happy to offer you a customer video package for your Chicago Wedding!

Capturing Your Wedding Day from Afar

It is our goal as wedding videographers to capture your wedding day, while not being apart of your wedding day. We understand that your wedding is an intimate occasion with your closest friends and family, and we do our best to capture that while not interrupting. Our video and sound equipment make this very possible.

A zoom camera lens is very capable of capturing moments from across the room without the need to be in the middle of it. This can be very useful throughout the day, including preparations, first look, ceremony, speeches, first dances and open dance floor.



All cameras are very good in low-light. So while at times, like speeches when an external LED light may be needed, the majority of coverage throughout the day and even evening, will call for little to no external constant lighting.

Sound is another key factor that can be captured from afar. External recording devices are used on the groom in order to record the intimate moments during ceremony, including the vows and ring exchange. During speeches, these devices are generally able to connect right to DJ booth in order to capture all of those best man jokes, direct from the microphone.

One of the most common comments I receive from customers is the fact that we capture so much, without the bride and groom even realizing it. So on your wedding day, you can be assured your videographer will be at all the right places in order to capture all those natural moments that make your wedding video something to remember!