Wedding Video Coverage

Bridal Preps: A Necessary Part of Any Wedding Video

Wedding guests may think of that the day begins with the bride and groom walking down the aisle but those that are involved in the wedding realize the day starts much earlier. From the first dab of makeup to the final button on the wedding dress, a lot goes into preparing for the big day. Covering these moments are essential to remember all those special details that make your wedding video a true reflection on such a special day! This is exactly what our wedding videography team will do.

Pre-Wedding Video Coverage

During the pre-ceremony coverage your wedding videographer will capture all the moments leading up to the “I Do’s.” This will include, getting shots of your dress, accessories, rings and all those essential items that play such an integral part in your big day as well as the video for the wedding. The final applications of makeup, followed by mimosas with your bridesmaids add memorable moments to your wedding video.

Then of course, there’s the dress! As a wedding videographer, I’ve quickly learned how much time and effort it takes to not only pick the right dress but make it a perfect for fit. That’s why, when recording a wedding day, we will always capture every detail of your dress, before you even step into it. When it comes time to put it on, your videographer will be right there as you share that special moment with your maid of honor, your mother, and whoever who else you have tie that final bow.

Groomsmen Video Coverage

Though the guys have it easy, covering their preparation can also be arranged. While the groomsmen preps may consist more of packing the cooler and watching a football game, the ambiance of the morning and special moments are a great start to any wedding video.

What Time Should our Videographer Start?

While every wedding is different, we generally suggest around an hour (up to 2 hrs) of video coverage before the bride plans on putting on the dress. This will give us plenty of time capture video of all the above moments to show all your guests exactly what your wedding day consists of!

Questions? Give me a call or shoot me an email to determine if I Do Video is a good fit to produce a quality wedding video for an affordable price!

Intro To Your Wedding Video - The First Look

When all eyes are on the bride, her eyes will be on the groom. That first time he sees her in her wedding dress on this special day is a memory that will last forever. Helping that memory stand the test of time will be your wedding video!

While most times, this first reveal will take place as the bride is walking down the aisle, a new trend is to firs reveal the bride prior to the wedding ceremony, in what is referred to as a “first look.”  This is done in an intimate setting which generally consists of just the bride and groom. By planning a first look, your wedding videographer will be able to capture both the bride and groom as they first see each other.

Take a look at the below Chicago wedding video of a first look captured by I Do Video.

Capture Your First Look & More on Wedding Video!

So while this special moment prior to the ceremony does not apply to all newlyweds, if you are planning a first look, we highly recommend having your wedding videographer present to capture it! You won’t regret it! I Do Video’s main goal is to offer quality wedding videos at an affordable price. So give us a call, text or email when your search of wedding videography begins! 

Glidecam Videography

Glidecam – The new style of Wedding Videography

glidecam video

As wedding videography evolves, so do the styles and equipment used for your typical wedding video. The days of stationary shots off a tripod are over! But how can you get steady shots on the move, without so much shaking it can give you motion sickness? The answer is simple, Glidecam! Contrary to the name, a Glidecam isn’t actually a camera. Instead it is a lightweight, hand-held stabilizing system which a camera sits atop. It utilizes a counterbalance system that absorbs any sudden movements in order to provide a fluid, floating feeling.

This equipment is perfect for wedding videos because it gives videographers the opportunity to walk through a crowd a church, a reception hall or dance floor and more, so viewers can see more of a 360°! All of course without feeling every step of the wedding videographer.

Benefits of using a Glidecam:

  • Non-Shake Videos
  • More Coverage Area Possible
  • Shooting on the Go
  • Free-Floating Feeling
  • More Diversity to Video
  • And More!

Check out some sample footage captured by my Glidecam HD2000!

Taking Wedding Videography to the Next Level!

This has been one of the best investments I Do Video by Leo has made for our wedding videography. This tool alone takes the production value to a complete higher level. However, the tool is only the half the work. Not every videographer can just pick up a Glidecam and start shooting. It takes practice and dedication to perfect the gliding shot. Two things you can be assured I do regularly in order to improve as a wedding videographer in Chicago.

Hiring A Chicago Wedding Videographer

As you continue through your quest to find all your wedding vendors, you will eventually come to wedding videography. You will soon realize that there are a lot of Chicago videographers to choose from and might not know where to start. So when it comes time to hire a Chicago wedding videographer do not rush into it. Below are 3 important things that you should take into consideration before making your decision.


1. Ratings and Reviews:
In my opinion the most important thing when choosing a videographer for a wedding is their credibility. In order to get the best input on their work, you should check for customer reviews. Some companies have reviews on their website but the best place for legitimate feedback is on Wedding Wire. Wedding Wire is a credible forum for newlyweds to leave feedback on their vendors. Other brides experiences will give you an idea of what you can expect. So do not choose a company until you see some wedding videography reviews.
2. Video Examples:
Every videographer has their own style and equipment. Shooting points, music, transitions and overall flow can all vary throughout wedding videographers. Some are similar and some are unique. The only way to determine if their style is right for you is to see their work. These videos should be very easy to find on their website. View I Do Video's Chicago Wedding Videos
3. Packages and Rates:
Just like style can vary, so can rates and they can vary enormously. A wedding video is important but do not burden yourself financially to get yours. You should determine your budget and choose a wedding videography company that can fit within your budget. There are plenty of affordable wedding videographers in Chicago to choose from so don't rush into anything. Also make sure you get a final price before moving forward so assure yourself that there are no hidden costs.

Your wedding video is something that you will cherish for a long time. So make sure you spend the time to choose a Chicago videographer that will provide one you will like! 

Multi-Camera Video Coverage

A lot happens during a wedding, some of which you are unable to see which is why it is important to have a videographer there to capture it. However, your wedding videographer can only be at once place at a time. Unfortunately, this limits what can be caught on camera. In order to solve this problem, IDV by Leo uses multiple cameras (and multiple videographers) when covering a wedding. This is most beneficial during the ceremony.

During your wedding ceremony, your videographer faces some obstacles which can cause complications during the video coverage. Some of these obstacles include

  • Limited Church Access: Some church’s restrict access of your videographer. For example, we are generally not allowed to be by the alter and sometimes not even allowed to move once the ceremony starts. Multiple cameras help resolve this issue to make sure that a camera is set up to capture the moment no matter where we are restricted to be.

  • Obstructed View: Pillars, decorations and most commonly people can get in the way of any given shot. The stationary objects are easier to deal with but a person standing up or moving in front of an unmanned camera can cause a shot to be ruined. By using multiple videographers, you can be assured that someone will be close by to avoid this potential problem.

Multiple cameras and multiple videographers not only help avoid potential problems but also make for a better viewing experience. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event which is seen by hundreds of people. With multiple cameras you can get the additional point of views which let you see your special day as others did. Some key moments which benefit from this are:

  • First Look: Having a camera on the groom as well as the bride are perfect to see both people’s expression as they see the other for the first time.

  • Bride Walking Down Aisle: Multiple cameras give the opportunity of capturing the bride from the front and backas well as the groom as he waits for her.

  • First Dances: A full-frame shot is perfect to capture the first dance while a 2nd videographer has the ability to get creative, cinematic shots from other angles.

  • Speeches: With one camera on the speaker, other cameras can be places around the venue to capture the audience and newlywed reactions.

Very rarely do you go to a move and watch a scene from the same angle. Sp if you want your wedding video produce that cinematic feel, multiple cameras and a 2nd videographer is a must. We do understand that this is not always within a client’s budget, so we always stay on top of our game and learn the best approaches in order to get the most out of every shot.