Social Media

Perks of a Social Media Package for Your Wedding

We live in an age of here and now. People are excited to see and share their special moments. Your wedding will take that to a new level! And for good reason! However most brides don’t have time to be posting to their insta feed or sharing a story (wedding dresses don’t have pockets lol). The good news if your videographer is there to do this for you! While most videographers will create these wedding videos for you to see weeks later, Leo offers a custom Instagram package that will include photos and videos the SAME DAY of your wedding and more!

Wedding Day Instagram Story

From the details and the dress, to the first look, first kiss and special moments, Leo captures it all. Except he will share those most memorable moments directly to an Instagram story, with your tags and awesome hashtags so all your friends, family and loved ones can share in your special day as well! Don’t worry, nothing is shared until AFTER your initial reveal.

Post-Wedding Instagram Clips

The anticipation to see your wedding video after the celebration is intense! We understand that and Leo will also post behind the scenes looks at your wedding day to his Instagram feed, so you can see what is in-store. From drone shots to #FridayBrideday, you can expect to see some of the most stunning clips throughout your experience. This way, you and your close friends can share in the leadup to your big wedding video premier!

Expect the Best

While social media is a small portion of what we do, it makes it clear that Leo cares that you get the most out of your day and is willing to go above and beyond the typical “wedding videos.” The best part, is this is all included in Leo’s Premium wedding video package!