Video coverage of bridal preparations

Bridal Preps: A Necessary Part of Any Wedding Video

Wedding guests may think of that the day begins with the bride and groom walking down the aisle but those that are involved in the wedding realize the day starts much earlier. From the first dab of makeup to the final button on the wedding dress, a lot goes into preparing for the big day. Covering these moments are essential to remember all those special details that make your wedding video a true reflection on such a special day! This is exactly what our wedding videography team will do.

Pre-Wedding Video Coverage

During the pre-ceremony coverage your wedding videographer will capture all the moments leading up to the “I Do’s.” This will include, getting shots of your dress, accessories, rings and all those essential items that play such an integral part in your big day as well as the video for the wedding. The final applications of makeup, followed by mimosas with your bridesmaids add memorable moments to your wedding video.

Then of course, there’s the dress! As a wedding videographer, I’ve quickly learned how much time and effort it takes to not only pick the right dress but make it a perfect for fit. That’s why, when recording a wedding day, we will always capture every detail of your dress, before you even step into it. When it comes time to put it on, your videographer will be right there as you share that special moment with your maid of honor, your mother, and whoever who else you have tie that final bow.

Groomsmen Video Coverage

Though the guys have it easy, covering their preparation can also be arranged. While the groomsmen preps may consist more of packing the cooler and watching a football game, the ambiance of the morning and special moments are a great start to any wedding video.

What Time Should our Videographer Start?

While every wedding is different, we generally suggest around an hour (up to 2 hrs) of video coverage before the bride plans on putting on the dress. This will give us plenty of time capture video of all the above moments to show all your guests exactly what your wedding day consists of!

Questions? Give me a call or shoot me an email to determine if I Do Video is a good fit to produce a quality wedding video for an affordable price!