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Glidecam Videography

Glidecam – The new style of Wedding Videography

glidecam video

As wedding videography evolves, so do the styles and equipment used for your typical wedding video. The days of stationary shots off a tripod are over! But how can you get steady shots on the move, without so much shaking it can give you motion sickness? The answer is simple, Glidecam! Contrary to the name, a Glidecam isn’t actually a camera. Instead it is a lightweight, hand-held stabilizing system which a camera sits atop. It utilizes a counterbalance system that absorbs any sudden movements in order to provide a fluid, floating feeling.

This equipment is perfect for wedding videos because it gives videographers the opportunity to walk through a crowd a church, a reception hall or dance floor and more, so viewers can see more of a 360°! All of course without feeling every step of the wedding videographer.

Benefits of using a Glidecam:

  • Non-Shake Videos
  • More Coverage Area Possible
  • Shooting on the Go
  • Free-Floating Feeling
  • More Diversity to Video
  • And More!

Check out some sample footage captured by my Glidecam HD2000!

Taking Wedding Videography to the Next Level!

This has been one of the best investments I Do Video by Leo has made for our wedding videography. This tool alone takes the production value to a complete higher level. However, the tool is only the half the work. Not every videographer can just pick up a Glidecam and start shooting. It takes practice and dedication to perfect the gliding shot. Two things you can be assured I do regularly in order to improve as a wedding videographer in Chicago.