Multi-Camera Video Coverage

A lot happens during a wedding, some of which you are unable to see which is why it is important to have a videographer there to capture it. However, your wedding videographer can only be at once place at a time. Unfortunately, this limits what can be caught on camera. In order to solve this problem, IDV by Leo uses multiple cameras (and multiple videographers) when covering a wedding. This is most beneficial during the ceremony.

During your wedding ceremony, your videographer faces some obstacles which can cause complications during the video coverage. Some of these obstacles include

  • Limited Church Access: Some church’s restrict access of your videographer. For example, we are generally not allowed to be by the alter and sometimes not even allowed to move once the ceremony starts. Multiple cameras help resolve this issue to make sure that a camera is set up to capture the moment no matter where we are restricted to be.

  • Obstructed View: Pillars, decorations and most commonly people can get in the way of any given shot. The stationary objects are easier to deal with but a person standing up or moving in front of an unmanned camera can cause a shot to be ruined. By using multiple videographers, you can be assured that someone will be close by to avoid this potential problem.

Multiple cameras and multiple videographers not only help avoid potential problems but also make for a better viewing experience. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event which is seen by hundreds of people. With multiple cameras you can get the additional point of views which let you see your special day as others did. Some key moments which benefit from this are:

  • First Look: Having a camera on the groom as well as the bride are perfect to see both people’s expression as they see the other for the first time.

  • Bride Walking Down Aisle: Multiple cameras give the opportunity of capturing the bride from the front and backas well as the groom as he waits for her.

  • First Dances: A full-frame shot is perfect to capture the first dance while a 2nd videographer has the ability to get creative, cinematic shots from other angles.

  • Speeches: With one camera on the speaker, other cameras can be places around the venue to capture the audience and newlywed reactions.

Very rarely do you go to a move and watch a scene from the same angle. Sp if you want your wedding video produce that cinematic feel, multiple cameras and a 2nd videographer is a must. We do understand that this is not always within a client’s budget, so we always stay on top of our game and learn the best approaches in order to get the most out of every shot.