Wedding Video Equipment

All cameras consist of high definition equipment. We use a combination of HD camcorders and DSLR cameras with an array of lenses. All cameras are mounted on a tripod for steady shots.

  • Canon 6D: This is a top-of-the-line camera for wedding videography. The full-frame sensor is as good as it gets for capturing video in low light while still maintaining a crisp image. With the lenses available, the 6D produces that cinematic look.

  • Canon Rebel T4i: The Canon T4i is a DSLR camera which produces great-quality video, with excellent detail and pleasing color. The use of DSLR cameras provide that depth-of-field focal abiolity that camcorders cannot.

  • Sony HXR MC50u: The HXR-MC50U is an ultra-compact, professional, AVCHD camcorder with big camera performance. This camera's primary use is to cover the lengthy moments of your wedding day.


e combine our cameras with the appropriate accessories to assure that we get the best quality out of any shoot. Learn more about just a few accessories we use to make sure your video looks professional.

  • Audio: Audio is captured by the shotgun microphone on the camcorder as well as a wireless mic which the groom will wear during the ceremony. In some cases, audio can be captured directly from the DJ's soundboard.

  • Lighitng: Since weddings are generally dimly lit a 126 led light will brighten up any scene. Combined with lenses specifically designed for low-light shooting, you can be assured ofa clear picture.

  • Stabilizaiton: The combined use of a professional tri-pod and dolly make it easy to produce a steady shot on the go. Also available is a steadycam which produces a flying-like shot.

Take a look at some example footage from the Canon T4i DSLR with fisheye lens on Glidecam HD2000 sabilizer. As stated multiple times, we produce quality wedding videos at an affordable price. This is the equipment that helps our Chicago wedding videographers assure that!